Upcoming Events

I hope everyone is having an amazing year this year.  We have a lot of activities coming up that I wanted to make sure that people know about. 
1. Picture Day Sep 28.  Retake Day November 14.

2. Fall PTA Carnival October 6th.  This is our carnival that has been at the end of October previously.  We have decided to hold it earlier this year to not have so many scheduling conflicts. 
If we have $300 donated to the carnival we will make the principal into a hot dog!  Students will get to squirt him with ketchup and mustard at the carnival. 

3. Cache Valley Direct books for sale at Discovery.  Students will be sent home with a book full of coupons.  If you would like to keep it, just send $25 back to the school.  If you do not want it, just send it back.  Checks should be payable to Discovery Elementary.  Several businesses in Brigham City are being included in the book and they are looking to add more this upcoming year.  Look for more information about it.  If we can sell 500 books we will get to duct tape Mr. Morris to the wall of the school!

Thank you


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