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Parent Teacher Conferences

Sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences Directions to schedule Parent Teacher Conferences:

It is time to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences that will be held October 11 &12.
Sign up online between September 28 to Oct 8 for an appointment.

If you have any troubles with registering for conferences please call the school, or stop by.
1. Visit the school’s homepage and select the Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler icon/link on the right, or go to the link
2. From the Online Scheduler Home Page
a. Choose your student’s school from the drop down list and click “GO”
b. Enter the school password dolphins
c. Enter your student’s “Student ID”. If you do not know their Student ID, use the LOOKUP STUDENT ID button to access the system.
d. Verify the student’s birth date
e. A list of your student’s teachers will be displayed. Check the box next to the name of each teacher(s) you would like to meet with.
f. If you have mor…

Upcoming Events

I hope everyone is having an amazing year this year.  We have a lot of activities coming up that I wanted to make sure that people know about. 
1. Picture Day Sep 28.  Retake Day November 14.

2. Fall PTA Carnival October 6th.  This is our carnival that has been at the end of October previously.  We have decided to hold it earlier this year to not have so many scheduling conflicts. 
If we have $300 donated to the carnival we will make the principal into a hot dog!  Students will get to squirt him with ketchup and mustard at the carnival. 

3. Cache Valley Direct books for sale at Discovery.  Students will be sent home with a book full of coupons.  If you would like to keep it, just send $25 back to the school.  If you do not want it, just send it back.  Checks should be payable to Discovery Elementary.  Several businesses in Brigham City are being included in the book and they are looking to add more this upcoming year.  Look for more information about it.  If we can sell 500 books we w…

Shout Outs!

Here are some of the WONDERFUL things said about school employees:

"Only one week of school has gone by, but my daughter has gone on and on over how much she enjoys her teacher, Mrs. Rupper! Seeing as this is her first year teaching, this makes me especially happy. I also really loved the "parent homework" she had for us at back to school night..makes me feel that she really cares about each student's individual needs and personalities. Thank you, Mrs.Rupper! You're doing great!"

"(Mrs. Robinette) Went the extra mile by giving her time to learn about her incoming students and helping her students and parents adjust to first grade."

"Mrs. Gunnell made this first week of school a good experience for my nervous little one. She had a welcoming, fun personality that made my daughter feel excited about school. Words can never express the gratitude I have for amazing teachers who look for the best in my children and help them be the best version of t…

Fantastic Employees

Before coming to Discovery I was Principal at Discovery Elementary School in Vernal, UT.  I spoke with the Superintendent there about my families need to move back to Northern Utah.  He attempted to talk me out of it and told me, "You will never work with a staff as good as the staff at Discovery in your career."  I can tell you that he was never more right, while being so wrong.  The Staff at OUR Discovery Elementary is amazing.  I see so much good here.  We have happy positive people in every corner who always believe that any assignment is possible.  As I look at the teachers, and the staff at our school I am so impressed, and hear messages from parents all the time about how great everyone here is, and I wanted to create a forum to celebrate these wonderful people.  Let's celebrate the greatness in our school!
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