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Here is our November Newsletter

School Land Trust Report       School Land Trust End of year report 2016-2017 Report: Attached is our School Trust Land report for the previous year and our Mid year report for this year.  The School Land Trust is money allocated to our school by the state.  This money is used under the direction of our school Community Council.  This is a group of parents and teachers that meet together with the principal to give input on school goals and decide how the money is spent each year.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!  This money is called School land trust money and is given to us by the state.  
Last year we were allocated $36,784by the state.  We spent money on the following items: $ 32,300 was spent on our paras for reading and math.  
$ 50 for mice for the Chromebook lab to facilitate use of Chromebooks in class.  
$ 700 for Moby Max as a math and literacy extension for the school.   We used our School Land Trust money to expand our reading and math interventions t…