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Discovery Newsletter February 2014

Happy February to all of you!We had a busy January and are looking forward to great things in February!
We are would like to thank all of our volunteers who come and help each day at Discovery!We appreciate your time that you so willingly give to help out! Your time is greatly appreciated!
With the snowy wet weather, please make sure your child is dressed to go outside.The students get the opportunity to go outside three times each day, so it is important that they have a coat and warm shoes!
Leader In Me
We are continuing to learn and incorporate the 7 Habits of Happy Kids into our lives.Feb. 3, 2014 some of our students went and visited with members of the Senate about being a “Leadership School.”The students talked with different Senators about their favorite habit, what it means to be a “Leadership School” and some of the students shared their data notebooks.
Ken Garff- Road to Success
We held our Ken Garff Road to Success assembly last month and want to…