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We will be celebrating our National Blue Ribbon School honor on Wednesday, October 5th at 5:00 with cake, ice cream, music and games.  Please join us.
Here is the Newsletter!!click here
Principal’s Message: Click here for the September Newsletter Thank you to everyone for a fantastic first week of school!  Students, parents, teachers and staff all excelled in every way.  I am so glad that everyone had such a good week.  We are thrilled to have our kindergarten students starting on Tuesday.  Leadership is our focus as a Leader in Me School.  We are working to live and teach the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  As we look out our “End in Mind” of becoming a Lighthouse School we see that having students teach the habits at home is an area where we want to improve.  Parents, Look for information this year about a program for students to earn badges by teaching the habits at home.  If you have experiences of the students teaching them at home please let us know so that we can document incidents like that.  This community is amazing, and I want to thank all of your for what you do to help and support the school.  We had 38 people help contribute to the Eagle Scout Proj…