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Here is an important letter about SAGE test results from the state of Utah.

Student reports will be sent home on November 5th, 2014.
Parents of Discovery Students,                                                                                                         Oct. 1, 2014 We want to try something different this school year.  We will allow students to wear costumes to school on Halloween day (October 31st).  However, it is critical that all rules be followed by all students in order to minimize the disruption to the school environment.  If parents and students will follow the guidelines below, we will have a fun and productive day.  If parents and students do not follow the rules and guidelines, we will be forced to eliminate dressing up for Halloween in the future.  So let us begin with the end in mind, a positive experience for all.  As we do this we still must put first things first, our primary objective is student learning.  Students do not have to participate and the wearing of costumes at school is purely optional.  It will be just like crazy sock day or crazy hair day, no pressure will be put on stude…