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Here is our newsletter for December

I hope that everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. We have several things coming up in December to make sure that everyone is aware of, but first I wanted to remind everyone that it is getting colder. Please make sure that your children come with coats, gloves and winter hats to help keep them warm. Also please do what you can to label them, we have a lot that end up in our lost and found every day.

On December 7th we have the District Art fair at 6:30-7:30 it will be held at 3 Mile Creek Elementary 2625 S 1050 W Perry. Our students have done artwork that will be posted at their school for parents to come and see. It is also a great opportunity to see other school’s great art. Our Christmas music program will be on Wednesday the 9th at 5:00 for grades 1-2 and 6:00 for grades 3-5. Students need to be at the school 15 minutes before the program. Parents: We would love to have help with seating and such, please let Sandy or Mrs. Sweat know if you would…
Here is our newsletter

As of 9/28/15 we are at 103,012 minutes read for Road to Success.  Please make sure your children are reading every day and that their minutes get logged at  We are working toward 2,000,000 minutes this year.  Please help us reach this goal.  If you need your student login information please contact the front office.  On October 27, 2015 KSL is hosting an open house celebration for the students and families of Century, Discovery, Foothill, and Mountain View Elementary at Box Elder High School from 5 – 7 pm. These schools were selected because of their student’s excellent improvements in reading and their participation in the Read Todayprogram. At Parent Teacher Conferences we will be hosting a Flu Shot Clinic from 2:00-7:00 pm on the 22nd of October.  Come talk with teachers and get a flu shot to stay healthy! This school year we will not be having a Halloween dress up day.  There were some issues with following last year’s guidelines and we will not b…
Please continue selling for the Discovery Fundraiser The money is being used for New chromebooks, student rewards and fieldtrips. For every $10 donation  students receive Garfield the cat . Those selling will earn  Garfield or Minion.
Orders Due Sept. 22
Click for a link to PEACHJAR:  
Look for an email on 8/27/15 from Peach Jar with the Newsletter.  I want to introduce you to a new digital service called Peach Jar. We want to reduce the amount of paper that we send home, and this service will allow us to email out notices, newsletters and other items in a paperless way. Because of this it is important that we have an email address on file so that we can send you these things. My goal is to have this newsletter sent out through peach jar by Christmas. Some people still really rely on the paper copies of things. If this is the case please contact the office and let us know if you want paper copies of this newsletter.
Here is the September Newsletter!
This activity is for 5th grade students: 
You are cordially invited to the Discovery Elementary
5th Grade Leadership Pizza Party
August 25th from 2:00-4:00
We will have a guest speaker, leadership activities and PIZZA!
Come start the year off right by joining us in our 5th Grade Leadership Pizza Party.  We will be practicing the 7 Habits and assigning leadership roles for Open House and the first few weeks of the school year.
Please RSVP:

Here are our Student Supply Lists!  As soon as I have 5th grades ready I will update it again.  

Parents can access all of their student's information online.  Just follow these directions.  
1.You must know the student ID and DOB for at least one of your students before beginning the process. 2.Access the Passport Portal at this url or by going to the Box Elder District Homepage and clicking on the “Student Grades” link. (see graphic).

3.Once on the Passport Login Screen, the parent can click the “request an account” link and will be prompted through the steps to complete the process.

4.Once they have completed the process, they can log into Passport or Aspire. The url for Aspire is (there is no direct link from the district webpage that is readily accessible, since, as a general rule we have not been directing parents there).
Well, the office staff is starting to get back to work now that August is here.  We will be in the office most days during regular school times.  Here are some important dates that are coming up.

Teachers Return to Work: August 24-26
Open House: Tuesday August 25th 4:00-6:00
First Day of School: August 31st 8:25 am

I hope that everyone has been reading and practicing their 7 Habits this summer!

KINDERGARTEN INFORMATION:  This year’s FREE Treehouse Museum kindergarten fair is coming up. The event is scheduled for August 8, 2015 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.  This event is in conjunction with the kindergarten readiness packets that were provided for distribution last spring.  Click below for the flyer!
School is out for the summer!  I hope you are all enjoying your time.  Our summer hours are very limited and many of those are spent in meetings.  If you need to register a new student please follow the link and we will get back with you as soon as we get an opportunity.

Register New Students

If you have other issues you can email Mr. Morris and he will respond as soon as he can.

Please remember to Live the 7 Habits this summer, and to read!

Get out and play with
We are looking for nominees for the School Community Council.  They meet 5 times per year and discuss how several important things, including how to use our School Land Trust money.  If you would like to participate or know someone who would, stop by the office!  Nominations will be taken until the 10th of May!
Another month gone.  We are so close to summer vacation I think the students can taste it.

Here is our newsletter for the month.  So much to do in this last month of school.

There is still over $40,000 available for schools.  Please go to envisionutah.orgto take the survey!  

Use your voice to shape Utah's future AND earn a dollar for our school. Visit and decide what you want Utah to be like in 2050. Please remember to add our schools name to the end of the survey.
Here is the April newsletter!

We made our goal of 1,000,000 minutes as a school!

Anyone that would like FREE Treehouse Museum tickets please see Ms. Sandy in the office.

This year the importance of reading has been reinforced to me.  I have a 6th grade son.  He was struggling at the start of this year and had scored really low on his beginning of the year reading scores.  We require that he read daily, but things were not changing much.  He showed some growth by December, but still below grade level.  In December something changed.  He started reading.  We would find him staying up later to read instead of fighting with his sisters.  Over spring break when he woke up he would start his day by reading.  He was reading 1-2 hours a day on school days finishing not just books but series in a month.  His reading score jumped with the last assessment his teacher gave him, he moved from somewhere in the 4th grade range to around an 8th grade range.  This is one of many examples that could be us…
Leader in Me Surveys
We are going to ask that all students take this survey during their computer time in the next couple of weeks.
Student Survey

Parents, we would love if you would please fill out this survey online when you have a chance.
Parent Survey
This is for students that will enter Kindergarten for the 2015-2016 School Year!

Sign up for Kindergarten Digitally here! Paper forms are also available in the main office.

We are planning our “Kindergarten Meet and Greet”, on March 4, 2015 at 6:00 at Discovery.  Come and meet our kindergarten teachers Mrs. Fawcett, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Orgill.  They have a great activity for you and your child and then a fun surprise to send home with each child.  We will also be scheduling Kindergarten Round up appointments for March 13th.                  We need a copy of your child’s state birth certificate, not the certificate from the hospital. If you have a copy of their birth certificate, please bring it with you and we will get it copied.                  If you are not able to attend, please contact the school.  734-4910                 We look forward to seeing your future leaders there!

              Jeff Morris, Principal
It is time to register for parent teacher conferences again.  Here are the instructions.

Directions to schedule Parent Teacher Conferences:
Parent Window January 28-February 11 If you have any troubles with registering for conferences please call the school, or stop by.

Visit the school’s homepageand select the Parent Teacher Conference Scheduler icon/link on the right, or go to the link the Online Scheduler Home PageChoose your student’s school from the drop down list and click “GO” Enter the school password dolphinsEnter your student’s “Student ID”.  If you do not know their Student ID, use the LOOKUP STUDENT ID button to access the system.Verify the student’s birth date  A list of your student’s teachers will be displayed.  Check the box next to the name of each teacher(s) you would like to meet with. If you have more than one student in the …
Here is our full newsletter: Click here

DISCOVERY ELEMENTARY got an “A” on our school grading!  Last year the state of Utah started grading schools based on student growth and proficiency on end of year tests.  We were a “B” school, meaning we were slightly above average.  This year our scores improved and we received the “A” grade!  Overall in the state we ranked 53rd out of all Elementary and Middle Schools.  There are around 737 schools in the state that meet this classification.  There are lots of things I want to let you know about this month:  First off, if you are bringing students that need to eat breakfast, please make sure to have them here by 8:15 so that they have time to eat and make it to class on time.  Second, In February students in grades 3-5 will be taking the SAGE writing test.  This test counts in part toward the Language Arts score that they receive as part of their yearly evaluation.  We will be starting these the first week of February.  On January 9th we will b…