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DISCOVERY ELEMENTARY got an “A” on our school grading!  Last year the state of Utah started grading schools based on student growth and proficiency on end of year tests.  We were a “B” school, meaning we were slightly above average.  This year our scores improved and we received the “A” grade!  Overall in the state we ranked 53rd out of all Elementary and Middle Schools.  There are around 737 schools in the state that meet this classification. 
There are lots of things I want to let you know about this month: 
First off, if you are bringing students that need to eat breakfast, please make sure to have them here by 8:15 so that they have time to eat and make it to class on time. 
Second, In February students in grades 3-5 will be taking the SAGE writing test.  This test counts in part toward the Language Arts score that they receive as part of their yearly evaluation.  We will be starting these the first week of February. 
On January 9th we will be kicking off the Reach for the Stars reading incentive program. The Reach for the Stars program rewards children for reading with free books of their choice as well as new books for the school. Parents and children request pledges from friends and family members to support the kids’ reading habit. Students will keep track of their reading for 2 weeks during January and then they will select their book rewards. Look for more information to come home with your student in January.
More Candy bars can be sold to help out the school.  They must be prepurchased for $1 each.  If you would like to help sell them please contact Sandy.  They can be individually or as many as you would like. 


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