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School Land Trust End of year report 2013-2014 and Mid Year Report:
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I wanted to take a moment to inform all of you about our school community council.  This is a group of parents and teachers that meet together with the principal to give input on school goals and decide how some money is spent each year.  This money is called School land trust money and is given to us by the state.  Last year we were allocated $30,302 by the state.  We spent $22,608 on tutors to help our students, $100 on professional services, $411 on a computer based writing program for our 3rd and 4th graders, and $4,520 on voice amplification systems for our classrooms.  This money was well spent and we have seen a lot of improvement in our student learning.  This year we are looking at 3 school wide goals, and are using our money to achieve those.  Goal #1 - Grades K-5 : 95% receive rubric score of 3 on end of year literacy placement test, or make 20% gain Goal #2 - Grades K-5 …