Ready for School?

Discovery Community:
I am very excited for this upcoming school year.  We are all ready to go after our recent Open House.  The teachers had a lot of fun, and we hope that the nervous students come ready for the school year.  I hope that you all are ready as well.  The start of the year is always a very exciting time for parents.  I wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thank you to our secretary Sandy Sharp.  Sandy is always happy and helpful to parents, students and teachers.  She looks for the best in every situation, and is a major inspiration to those of us that work closely with her.  Due to some personal issues she has had to take a few days off this summer, but has approached every issue with a positive happy outlook.  If some of your phone calls this summer have gone unanswered, we apologize, please be understanding as we start this school year.  

We would love some feedback about times for our Open House.  

A phone call will be going out tonight with a few reminders!


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