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Spring Break is here!  I hope everyone has a fun and safe long weekend.  It seems like everything on the Calendar has the word “Spring” in it. 
As the end of year approaches we have a lot of activities going on.  Please see the calendar on the back for the dates, but we want to make you aware of a couple.  First, April 12-13 is a special event for the kids.  All students who have earned at least 3 leader badges will receive a ticket for free admittance to the Adventure Zone at 680 South Main.  They can use the ticket either day.  Students can still earn previous badges, and we will be sending home the Habit 6 Synergize and the Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw We look forward to seeing you there.  To earn the badges students need to teach you about that habit and have the form signed.  Leader of the Month badges do count as well. 
Our teachers recently met to discuss what our vision is for the future.  As we discussed this we identified some of the most important things we want to become, so we wrote a new Vision statement.  Our Vision is to be positive examples who are responsible for our learning and recognize each other’s success!”  There are three parts to this vision, 1. being positive examples.  We want all students to be leaders, to show everyone how they stand out  in a good way.  That is why we teach the 7 Habits.  2. Responsible  for our own learning.  We make goals and track our progress toward those goals.  3. Recognize the success of others, This is important for all of us.  We are not competing against each other, but toward the same goal, and that goal is, “Everybody Leads, Everybody Learns and Everybody Loves.” 
Thank you to all of you for your contributions to our school.  We always appreciate your help and support as parents, PTA members and as members of the Discovery community. 


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