Hello Everyone,
We are excited that snow days and winter break are over and we can now focus on learning again.  Thank you to everyone for your attention to our announcements on those days.
Here is the Newsletter for January.

"Thank you to everyone that participated in the food drive in December.  It is always nice to give back a little and help others.  We used two habits as we did this by synergizing to help others and sharpening the saw.  We donated a total of 829 items, which weighed 727 pounds worth of food. 
We often talk about Beginning with the End in Mind at our school.  This means that we look at our goals and where we want to be, then we live so that we can accomplish those goals.  As the new year approaches we can Begin with the End in Mind by making and setting new goals.  You may want to look at writing a personal mission statement as well.  Our School Mission statement is, “Everybody Leads, Everybody Learns Everybody Loves”.  This helps us make decisions and focus what we do on those three areas. 
There are a lot of weather related issues that we are having to start the new year.  Please make sure that students come to school with proper winter clothes.  Student safety is always at the forefront of our thoughts as we decide what to do in extreme weather.  If you feel that your child cannot make it to school safely, please contact us and let us know. 
Many people have asked about the make up days for the snow days that we had recently.  Those have not been decided yet, we will let you know as soon as a decision is made. 
Parent Teacher Conferences will be on February 22/24.

Mr. Morris" 


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