April's Newsletter
Spring Break is here! I hope everyone has a fun and safe week off.

Safety is always a concern in schools, and in the last week you may have

noticed a few changes to our pickup and drop off areas. Parents please follow

the directions in our loop and remember that these changes are for the safety

of our students. No amount of time saved is worth risking the safety of

yourself or others. Here are some ways that we can make sure our pick up and

drop off area runs smoothly.

 Only use the loop when dropping off students. Please do not pull in the bus

parking area.

 Always make sure that children cross the road with an adult.

 Always listen to the adults on duty.

 Arrange seating in the car so students can get out on the passenger side so

that other cars are not trying to pass on the side they exit from. When

our fourth child was born I went and put the baby’s car seat in the

“perfect” spot, my wife then promptly told me that it had to be on the

other side so that kids can get in and out of the car safely at school.

I often get asked about the crossing guards outside the school. The school

district and the city police prohibit school employees from acting as crossing

guards on city streets. Because of this we rely on parent volunteers to help us

with these positions. I want to thank all of our parents that are acting as

crossing guards, please smile and wave at them. They are caring parents that

are doing a service to make sure that other people’s children make it home

safely. So as you enter the line to pick up or drop off children, turn on the

relaxing music and enjoy the ride.


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